Risan Media Sponsorship From Iceland’s Sno Water

Risan Media has a new sponsorship with Iceland’s Sno Water!



SNO™ is among the purest bottled waters in the industry it is a premium water from Iceland, completely unaltered with nothing added or taken away. 100% Natural.  SNO™ comes from a time when the world was unspoiled and un-polluted, where it is filtered naturally through layers of volcanic lava rock. It is naturally high in Oxygen with a TDS level of 52 parts per million (PPM) and Ph of 7.4 and 0 Nitrates.  Your tastebuds will acknowledge the refreshing difference. That unique freshness that tells you – this is what purity tastes like!

Mineral Analysis mg/L

Calcium  2.4 mg/L                      Nitrate    0 mg/L
Cloride    5.0 mg/L                     Sodium   7.2 mg/L
Fluoride  0.1 mg/L                     K             1.5 mg/L
Magnesium 2.9 mg/L                 pH           7.4 mg/L
SO4             1.4 mg/L                 TDS          52 mg/L
Mineralization at 180º 65 mg/L High Oxygen content ( 13.3 mg/L with a DO of 111.1% at 7.8ºC)
Naturally melted glacier water SNO™
You will love SNO™.
Taste it, Drink it, Love it!
New Risan Media Icelandic partnerships:
Icelandic glacial water put to good use!
Horse riding tours in Iceland
Sea Kayaking in the West Fjords

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