Absinthe Films: Am Squad Leak 1

Absinthe Am Squad Leak 1

Here's the first of a grip of Absinthe leaks coming your way over the next little whileDemetri Bales, Jed Sky and Frank Jobin shot by Ryan Findermusic by Brandon CocardLorne Lapham Sales & Rentals Inc. O'Neill Signal Snowboards Rome Snowboards NorthPull Winch Co. Aurora Cannabis

Posted by Absinthe Films on Thursday, March 8, 2018

The first of a series of videos being released by the world’s leading snowboard film producer from this year’s sessions. Stay tuned for North American film premier tour dates as Risan Media works with Absinthe in dialing in venues and partners in the cannabis industry.

Featuring Demetri Bales, Jed Sky and Frank Jobin, shot by Ryan Finder, music by Brandon Cocard

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