Risan Media x Absinthe Films: Year 4: Cannabis Brand Integrations

For the last 4 years, Risan Media has worked with Absinthe Films to integrate cannabis partnerships within the annual snowboard film production and North American film premier and concert tours. This year we have secured High Times as our print media partner, Craft Concentrates onboard for some events and Loopr offering onsite cannabis consumption in Colorado. Check out the Official Absinthe Films trailer for Isle of Snow~

SLC 9/28 Rendezvous Festival
Denver 10/1 Cervantes Other Side with Loopr
Ft Collins 10/2 Hodi’s Halfnote with Loopr
Boulder 10/3 Fox Theatre with Loopr
Silverthorne 10/4 (Silverthorne Pavilion CBD only)
Vail 10/5 Shakedown
Denver 10/6 Cultivated Synergy (Private) with Loopr
Donner Pass CA 11/7Area 241 
Berkeley CA11/8 Cornerstone 
Oakland CA 11/9The New Parish 
Truckee CA 11/10 Alibi 
Silverlake CA 11/12 Zebulon 
San Diego CA 11/13 Quartyard 
Venice CA 11/14 Arbor 
Encinitas CA 11/15 LaPaloma 
Huntington CA 11/16 TBD 
Bend 11/19 Volcanic Theatre
Portland 11/20 Clinton Street Theatre
Seattle 11/21 Neptune Theater
Bellingham 11/22 Aslan Brewery
Port Angeles 11/23 Lincoln Theater
Montreal 10/19 Bain Mathieu/IF3 Festival
Nelson BC 10/26 Capitol Theatre
Whistler 11/26 Longhorn Saloon
Vancouver 11/27 Fortune Sound Club
Kelowna 11/28 Fernando’s
Banff AB 11/29 Dancing Sasquatch
Calgary 11/30 Cold Garden
Toronto ON 12/1 Steam Whistle Brewery 
East Coast
Stowe VT 12/5 Rusty Nail 
Burlington VT 12/6 TBD
NYC 12/7 TBD 

Isle of Snow

Featuring the riding of:

Nicolas Müller, Frank Bourgeois, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Severin Van Der Meer , Chris Rasman feat. The Manboys, Dylan Alito, Maria Thomsen, Matt Wainhouse, Demetri Bales, Aspen Weaver, Hans Mindnich, Leo Eigensatz, Carlos Gerber ,Ryland Bell, Blair Habenicht, DCP, Judd Henkes, Mark Tremblay

Absinthe Films was founded in 1997 and has firmly established itself as the world’s leading producer of snowboard films. Over the past 20+ years the Absinthe Films brand has become synonymous with quality and credibility in snowboard cinema. Each year we produce one main feature that reaches throughout the international snowboard community. All other Absinthe products emanate from this annual production.

In this age of digital overload the Absinthe Film and Music Tour provides an established experiential alternative at our 40+ events. Absinthe continues to lead the way in connecting the Cannabis industry with the snowboarding community by providing non-endemic brands with the authenticity and credibility required to reach one of the most elusive demographics of trendsetters and opinion leaders. And by adding new educational elements to our age-gated tour, Absinthe is taking the steps to help break down the stigma surrounding the use of cannabis in our culture and complying with new regional regulations that have inhibited marketing efforts in the cannabis sector sincelegalization.

Absinthe Films has won several Movie of the Year awards and four of our main riders, Nicolas Müller, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Bode Merrill and Travis Rice were voted Rider of the Year after their segments in our films. The Free Absinthe App gives our audience access to our extensive film library, trailers, rider parts, rider bios, Flipside Episodes and our newest content all in one user- friendly package and without all the distractions.

Continually seeking new angles to present snowboarding in fresh and engaging ways, Absinthe Films has become a multifaceted media company and industry leader. We reflect the voice and vision of those who live to ride.

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